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Cast Iron Griddle Troy Gastronorm

COD: FF.565.SN.C

    • Dimensions 53 x 32.5 cm
    • Line PROFI
    • Cooking method Professional oven cooking
    • Preparation Appetizers & Salad, Bread, Meat

    Gastronorm professional cast iron griddle

    Are you tired of replacing your oven griddle because the paint peels off after a few uses? Are you interested in optimising the Maillard reaction of your oven-cooked recipes?
    The PROFI line of Ghisanativa offers a multifunctional oven griddle model to cook fish, meat and vegetables. Gastronorm GN 1/1 is for professional use, with excellent thermal conductivity and with a higher resistance than traditional aluminium griddles. It guarantees perfect lines and a state of the art Maillard reaction.


    • Fast delivery times
    • Lifetime warranty
    • For professional use

    The Troy griddle with GLOSSY RAF enamel applied to it responds to:

    • The European Regulation 2023/2006;
    • The European regulation 1935/2004;
    • The ministerial note n. 20072 of May 20, 2014;
    • The EEA guidelines – “EEA Guideline 1001 March 2016”;
    • D.P.R n. 777 of 23 August 1982;

    The Troy grid is:

    • Ideal for uniform distribution of heat;
    • The enamel is fired at 800°C and is, therefore, more resistant than normal paints applied to the aluminum griddle;
    • For professional use only;
    • Easy to clean by hand;
    • Ultra-resistant and guaranteed for intense professional use;
    • Made in Italy.

    Product Code: FF.565.SN.C

    Ghisanativa distinguishing features

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