GHISANATIVA: pots, pans, grill pans in naked cast iron and portable hobs in cast iron

Naked Cast Iron Smooth Grill Pan 28 cm

COD: FF.485.GN.C

  • Diameter 28 cm
  • Height 2.5 cm
  • Line SPICA Collection
  • Cooking method Barbecue, Bread making, Grilling


A medium sized pan that is perfect for induction.
The smooth cast iron grill pan from the SPICA collection has exceptional performance. The nature of the cast iron and its thickness allows the grill pan to accumulate and retain heat up to 12 times better than other materials and is extraordinarily effective at transferring the heat to the food.
Grill burgers, vegetables, meat, chicken and fish on this medium sized pan Can be used by professionals, butchers and amateurs.


  • Suitable for cooking on embers or charcoal, barbecue, gas, electric, ceramic, induction and halogen
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fast delivery times
  • Natural non-stick without paints and enamels

The natural cast iron grill pan with the two handles is versatile and can be used on any cooktop.
The smooth round pan in natural cast iron is free from enamels, PFOA, PTFE or PFAS for a natural contact between the food and iron, the basic element of life; enhancing the authentic taste of food.
The temperature difference between the centre and edges of the pot are minimal. A consistent temperature over the entire cooking surface allows you to perfectly brown vegetables and meats; enhancing their colour and taste like no other cookware can. It is, therefore, ideal for those who want to obtain the perfect Maillard reaction.



  • Product Code: FF.485.GN.C;
  • Diameter 28 cm – Height 2.5 cm – 3.52 kilograms – Dimensions with handles 37.5 cm;
  • Each piece is unique and characterised by its own identity;
  • The natural cast iron pan enriches the flavours through its superb heat storage and its uniform heat distribution;
  • The natural cast iron pan enriches the flavours through its superb heat storage and its uniform heat distribution;
  • It is suitable for all cooking methods with a better result on barbecue and embers. Expect better results when used on the barbecue or the grill compared to other cookware;
  • Two elegant handles for comfort and firm grip when moving the pot. Always use oven gloves to protect your hands as the handles can be as hot as the rest of the pot;
  • It can be used on any cooktop at temperatures below 900°C;
  • Ghisanativa cast iron does not peel at high temperatures;
  • Suitable for professional use;
  • Ghisanativa is guaranteed for life to give you, your children and future generations all the pleasures of a natural cuisine. Respect cultural traditions or be innovative with your Ghisanativa to deliver the perfect meal for you and your family;
  • Easy to clean by hand;
  • Made in Italy.

Ghisanativa distinguishing features

Eco-sustainable packaging suitable for a gift

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