GHISANATIVA: pots, pans, grill pans in naked cast iron and portable hobs in cast iron

Cucchiaio in olivo orizzontale

Natural Olive Wood Spoon

COD: GPC.04.A.001

Hand in hand with Ghisanativa is the natural olive wood spoon, it is straight with a tip. This olive tree spoon is made by a small family business in the South of Italy. The family carefully chooses the wood and crafts the spoon by hand. It is a design object in olive wood that fits into the kitchen furniture bringing warmth to the environment.

Each item is finished by hand and provides unique colours and wood grain.

The spoon is perfect for mixing risotto, sauces, or for whipping pasta strictly prepared on Ghisanativa.


    The olive tree has been present throughout history in the Mediterranean region. It is a symbol of peace and camaraderie. This accessory has similar characteristics to Ghisanativa; it is reliable, durable, and healthy.

    And olive wood is certainly the best material for every kitchen.

    Did you know that olive wood is hygroscopic? In fact, it has a remarkable affinity with water. This harmonious phenomenon is the exchange (accumulation and transfer) of humidity by means of absorption and desorption mechanisms. It is therefore easy to wash and leaves no food odours from the previous use. Occasionally, however, feed it with seed oil.


    • Product Code: GPC.04.A.001;
    • Length: 30 cm;
    • Each piece is unique and characterised by its own identity;
    • Each spoon is handcrafted and 100% made with Italian olive wood;
    • Ideal for mixing sauces, risottos, and pasta;
    • The acute angle allows you to mix well even in points that are not easy to reach;
    • The tip of the straight spoon is designed to reach every corner of the pot or pan giving you the ability to perfectly mix your sauces and taste it;
    • Antiseptic material;
    • Made in Italy.

    The wood from the olive tree is an incomparable raw material capable of being molded and assuming the most original forms. It is a durable and resistant wood.

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