GHISANATIVA: pots, pans, grill pans in naked cast iron and portable hobs in cast iron

Cast Iron Hob Elios Induction Flat with SOTHIS Cart

COD: FF.1360

  • Diameter 56 cm
  • Height 95.5 cm

Induction cooker equipped with an elegant cast iron cart to move it easily.

The induction burner from Ghisanativa with cart represents an elegant and truly versatile alternative to other devices. Easier to use compared to other cooking devices, it is extremely powerful because it was designed for connoisseurs of excellent cuisines It is ideal for show cooking or catering professionals. It is a real design object in which form and function enhance style and professionalism. It is made for intensive use and has professional components.
Easy to carry and extremely versatile in any working situation, it offers great stability associated with perfect ergonomics and a unique design.




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  • Fast delivery times
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Natural non-stick without paints and enamels


  • Product Code: FF.1360;
  • Width 58.5 cm – diameter 56 cm – height 1.10 m – 78.6 kilograms;
  • Structure made of antacid enamelled cast iron;
  • Knob in matt gold metal;
  • Ceramic glass top of 344 mm and 6 mm thick, hermetically sealed;
  • Electric power: 3.5 KW standard;
  • 3 KW and 5 KW versions can be available upon request;
  • Voltage: 230V 1 AC;
  • The components of our induction allow a use of 20,000/30,000 hours of work unlike domestic inductions which allow 3/4000 hours;
  • Cooling system with tangential fan for prolonged use;
  • Removable grease filter for easy cleaning;
  • Approved for professional use;
  • Registered model;
  • Ideal for superlative cooking;
  • For professional use;
  • Made in Italy.

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