Ghisanativa products have been assessed and deemed to meet EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. If you are interested in our products outside the EU, please contact us via email or telephone call.

GHISANATIVA: pots, pans, grill pans in naked cast iron and portable hobs in cast iron

Sweet treats & Snacks

Metodo di cottura

Comfort food, “the food of nostalgia” is the one used to evoke the feeling of warmth and safety experienced during childhood, and it is enhanced by the warmth of Ghisanativa. With Ghisanativa your breakfasts and snacks are effectively tasty. Our cast iron skillets range from muffins to tarts pans through sweet or savory crepes and pancakes. Just find the right size cooking tool to conquer everyone in the family with unparalleled sweet and savory delicacy.

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