GHISANATIVA: pots, pans, grill pans in naked cast iron and portable hobs in cast iron


Metodo di cottura

Braising is a combination method which involves searing the outside and then slow cooking to enhance the flavours of food. This gives the food a crust layer on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside. Compared to stewing, the ingredients are often of greater thickness.

This process often involves browning the meat in large chunks, followed by adding liquids such as wine, vinegar or stock, vegetables, herbs and spices. The food must be cooked in a covered pot, trapping the steam and keeping the contents moist.

When braising, the meat cooks very slowly, allowing the fat of the meat to mix with the wine, herbs and spices. The result is a noticeable softening of the pulp of the dish. Ghisanativa is perfect for braising and browning meat and vegetables.

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