GHISANATIVA: pots, pans, grill pans in naked cast iron and portable hobs in cast iron


Metodo di cottura

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It is important to choose a good natural cast iron grill pan or pot for your barbecue. The cast maintains and releases heat over long periods of time to cook all your food in a completely healthy way.


The word barbecue is derived from barbacoa, the language of the Taino, a native population of the Caribbean. Barbacoa dictates that varied foods were placed on grill pans, covered with agave leaves, to be smoked and slow cooked before being consumed. The word popularised through colonisation. The method for barbecue comes with centuries of history and is often misinterpreted with grilling.


When it comes to Italians talk about ‘having a barbecue’, it is often perceived as grilling. The original barbecue is an indirect cooking technique, which consists in slowly cooking large pieces of meat using heat and low-temperature fumes from the fire of embers. The modern day version of barbecue on the other hand, is a direct, short, and intensive cooking of relatively small pieces of meat placed directly on high-temperature embers.


Ghisanativa is amazing for both types of barbecuing. It is suitable for both direct and indirect cooking.

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